About MYLIFE Financial Group Inc.

MYLIFE Financial Group Inc. was established in 2011 when Matthew J. Murphy and Paul Botelho merged their businesses. Paul’s experience and Matthew’s knowledge of industry leading strategies has made them an unwavering team of trusted financial security advisors.

Throughout the planning process you will be educated and informed of products and strategies that can help give your unique plan a competitive edge. Their holistic planning approach and disciplined work ethic help ensure that no detail is spared in the creation and maintenance of your plan.

Once implemented, your plan is managed and reviewed based on the complexity it encompasses. As clients you will be asked to review your plan from time to time. This will help ensure all of your life changes are accounted for and that your plan remains on track. If need be, we can adjust and accommodate to help allow your unique plan to thrive.

Every financial security plan represents goals unique to the client for which it was designed.